FOR THE 2018 30 HOUR FAMINE – FEB 23 & 24!
Through World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine, we’ll go hungry so others don’t have to!

We’ve set a $2,000 fundraising goal, and are on the lookout to find donors. To meet
this goal we will be doing the following fundraisers throughout the month of February:

$25 DONATION: You choose your favorite youth and hit them in the face with a whip cream pie
$35 DONATION: You get the benefits of a $25 donation AND you have your name entered into a
drawing to get the entire youth group to do any kind of work you want – yard
work, organize your basement, clean out the attic, pick up all the dog poop in
your yard…you name it and we are at your service.
$50 DONATION: You get all the benefits above AND a 30 HR FAMINE T-shirt

As we meet certain fundraising milestones members of our youth group will perform “fear-
factor” type feats we are calling the “HUNGR GAMZ”, which we will video-record and post on the
Northwest Facebook page and website:

@ $200 – A Cream Pie in the Face
@ $500 –  Eat pudding while wearing pantyhose on their head
@ $1000 – Make a snow angel while wearing a bathing suit (weather
permitting) if not snow then Walk barefoot across a leggo filled pathway
@ $1500 – A bucket filled with ice water will be dumped over their heads
@ $2000 – Make a lip sync dance video, show it to the church, and
post on YouTube and Facebook

February 23rd and 24th we will be going hungry ourselves – for 30 hours. While we fast,
we’ll play crazy-fun games, hang out with our friends, have a sleepover at church, get
closer to God … and become 30 Hour Famine survivors!

Finally we will FEAST with a donation based Chili & Cake Cook-Off after 2nd service on Sunday, February 25th . If you think you make the best Chili or Cake around sign up to compete – the only trick is the Cake flavor has to start with a C (carrot..chocolate..cheese..etc). We’ll all taste and enjoy and the youth will VOTE – the winners get a silly prize and bragging rights until next year!

1. Donate ANY amount to our cause to help us reach our $2,000 goal Donate at our
table in the foyer OR online at youth.worldvision.org/team/19683 and
click the Support Us button
2. Sign up to participate in the Chili & Cake Cook-Off/Celebration and/or come and EAT
all donations accepted.
3. Share our donation page (on the NWB website) with your family and friends and ask
THEM to donate – youth.worldvision.org/team/19683
4. Pray for us during famine weekend and throughout the month of February
5. Fast along with us from after breakfast on Friday morning thru 2:00pm on Saturday

LIKE: Farming education, seeds, and tools | Clean water sources and irrigation systems | Improved
food storage | Farm animals like cows, goats, and chickens | Nutrition classes | Emergency
food supplies | Emergency feeding clinics

The best news is, we’re helping for more than a day, or a month, or a year . . . because World
Vision doesn’t just give handouts. They live and work in communities for the long haul to help
families become self-sufficient. That means we’re helping kids and their families overcome
hunger and poverty for a lifetime.


Questions? Please contact Carlene or Paul Silva:
Phone: 414-699-7664
Email: silvacarlene@hotmail.com