Online giving is available at Northwest Baptist Church. There are two easy ways to give online, either through your web browser, or by texting.

Giving through the web:  Give Now

Website giving how-to:

  1. Click on the Give Now link. You will be taken to our secure online giving page.
  2. Enter how much you would like to give, as well as your payment information.
  3. You can also set if you would like to make a recurring payment, or just a one-time payment.
  4. Click Donate Now. You are all set!

Giving through texting: send texts to (414) 376-6463

Text giving how-to:

  1. Send a text with the word give to (414) 376-6463.
  2. You will receive a reply asking how much you would like to give. Simply reply with a number (eg. 5 for $5.00, 10 for $10.00, etc.) or dollar amount.
  3. If you are giving by text for the first time, you will receive a reply prompting you to enter your payment details through Breeze’s secure website.
  4. After entering your payment details, you are all set! Breeze will remember your payment details. In the future, simply send how much you would like to give.



“Is giving online free?”
A: Yes! There is no fee/charge to give online or through text.

“What payment options can I use?”
A: All major credit/debit cards are accepted, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. You can also set up a direct ACH bank transfer if you prefer.

“Is my information secure?”
A: Yes! All payments are made through a secure website, using Breeze ChMS, our church management system.

“What devices are supported?”
A: For web giving, all you need is a PC/tablet/smartphone with access to the internet. For text giving, any phone with texting capability will work.

“Can I cancel/refund a payment?”
A: Yes. If you need to cancel a donation/payment, simply text refund, and your payment will be canceled.

“Can I set up recurring (eg. weekly, monthly, etc) payments/giving?
A: Yes. You can set up weekly, biweekly, monthly, and yearly payments. On PC/tablet, simply select which recurring time you would like. For texting, add one of those 4 terms after the amount you wish to donate (eg. $5 weekly, $10 monthly, etc.).

“Can I give/donate to a specific fund or ministry using online giving?”
A: Yes. For website giving, simply select the fund or ministry you would like to give to. For texting, simply add one of the below keywords after the amount you would like to give (eg. $20 uwg = $20 to United We Grow -or- $5 children = $5 to the children’s ministry)
Text giving keywords: uwg – United We Grow, children – Children’s Ministries, building – Building fund, adult – Adult Ministries