Northwest Baptist Church and BASICS in Milwaukee present Front Row Seat.
​Front Row Seat begins with 8 panelists, of differing ethnic backgrounds, sharing experiences and tackling tough questions. Participants then have an opportunity to be part of the dialog in table groups: facing one another, sharing and listening to racism’s impact on their lives through stories and responding with curiosity, compassion, care, and a new understanding.

What are Front Row Seat attendees saying?

  • Had I met these same 4 other people at some social function, we would never had the discussion that we had, which was very enlightening. We need 100,000 people doing this, not just 70 or 80. 
  • The more our group talked the more my first impressions melted away and we all seemed to enjoy our communication with each other.
  • I loved hearing the panelists talk. I found out I still have a long way to go with my learning. 
  • The discussions about racism we all talk about having do not have to be confrontational, negative and debilitating. 
  • This was eye-opening and God-led. Grateful I attended. Need to be thinking about this a lot going forward.