Welcome to Northwest Baptist Church! Among the many qualities of our church, perhaps the most notable are: our friendliness, our diversity, and, most of all, our desire to be active in furthering the Kingdom of God.

If we’re anything, we’re a friendly church. You will notice this as soon as you arrive. We are generous in warmly welcoming not only those we know but also those we’ve just met. Moreover, we’re friendly at a deeper level. We place a premium on developing long-lasting relationships with one another, relationships that go beyond caring for each other just on Sundays to truly looking out for one another all the time. If you are looking for authentic community, you have found the right place.

We are also a diverse church. We’re diverse economically, socially, and ethnically. While some might see this diversity as a weakness, we see it as something to celebrate! Our diversity makes us stronger and enables us to effectively reach out to the various cultures in the neighborhoods within which our church is located.

Dedicated to Advancing God’s Kingdom
Finally, we are a church that desires to be active in advancing God’s Kingdom. And, this desire is reflected in our church vision statement: Northwest strives to develop leaders, equip families, and foster relationships that thrive in Jesus Christ.

Our Beliefs
Our beliefs are tied to our strong faith in God and aligned with the Southern Baptist Convention’s Baptist Faith and Message (2000). To read more about our beliefs, please click here.