Northwest has initiated The Disciple’s Path, a churchwide emphasis on discipleship. Christ’s disciples are people who intentionally take steps to become more and more like our Lord, in thought, word, and deed. Similar to human growth development, Christians mature through phases of growth and in relationship to God, to the Church, to family, and to the world.

Our discipleship emphasis will focus on and assess the following key areas of spiritual growth: Bible Engagement, Worship, Sharing Christ, Gifted Service, Christian Community, and the Spiritual Disciplines. You will be encouraged to critically consider your current stage of development in each area. Through this process,  the church will provide tools to help you grow in areas where it will help you most.

The Disciple’s Path has begun through two opportunities:

  • Churchwide Bible Study: All youth and adults are meeting together for five consecutive Sunday mornings from January 7-February 4 at 9:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall. Each Sunday morning Bible study session is divided into two parts: first, Pastor Paul will address the larger assembly followed by facilitator-led small group breakout discussions around tables.
  • Intentionally Growing To Be More Like Jesus sermon series: Pastor Paul is leading the congregation in a 6-week sermon series from January 7-February 11 during the 10:30 AM Sunday morning worship service. Each sermon coincides with the topic discussed during that morning’s Bible study.

If you are not part of a small group at Northwest, this is a great time to join! Or if you participate only in a midweek small group, consider joining the Sunday morning study from January 7-February 5.





Churchwide Bible Study

Click the videos below to watch the recordings of the weekly churchwide Bible study during The Disciple’s Path.