This Sunday we will have an important meeting in the life of Northwest Baptist Church.

On Sunday, following 2nd Service, we will gather for lunch. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be served. Please bring a side dish to share.

After we finish eating, we will meet to discuss and discern the next step in advancing our newly articulated Mission and Vision Statements.

If you missed the Sunday, July 1st business meeting, we have documents available that cover the information shared about our process thus far. To view these documents, please click here.

Before the meeting, please take the following action steps:

1) Read the documents.
2) Discern which of the three areas stirs your heart.
3) Set July 15th on your calendar to join us as active participants in the conversation about how Northwest will reach the goals defined in our Vision Statement.

As a refresher, we undertook this process almost two years ago in an effort to identify the pathway Christ wanted us to pursue. We did this while starting the pastor search process, believing that we needed to know who we are as a congregation prior to inviting someone to lead us into the next phase of congregational development.

We are now at a crossroads. All the work that has preceded this point will fall flat if the congregation fails to embrace and help us actualize our next steps in the journey. As Baptists, we govern ourselves. This is both a privilege and a responsibility. We hope you will join us and see how you fit into the unfolding picture of Northwest’s future.